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You will be able to:

  • Donate something you no longer need for someone in your local community
  • Support our campaign to end homelessness
  • Support the organisations working to overcome the biggest global challenges of our time
  • Ask for help from our global community
  • Read or write news highlighting the humanitarian issues that matter to you

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Our Moving Mountains Campaign to

End Homelessness


Homeless people sponsored towards a night off the streets

The Global Noticeboard’s main mission is to help end homelessness. Life without a safe and secure home is something that no one should experience. We have seen first-hand the devastation that this causes. The reasons for homelessness are many, and the consequences dire. Hundreds of thousands of homeless people die each year from the cold alone. This simply must change.

We are asking our users to contribute to our Moving Mountains fund. This will generate funding for a respected homeless charity, with a proven track record in helping severely disadvantaged people overcome homelessness. You can sponsor a homeless person towards having a night under a roof for just 40p per night. You can make a weekly or monthly donation of anything you can afford, and make a huge impact in helping people overcome homelessness.

Our users have already sponsored 17,600 people towards having a night off the streets. Please join our campaign towards creating a world where no one faces life on the streets.

Overcoming the
most important

global Challenges

We have aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. This is a universal agenda to sustainably overcome the biggest global injustices by 2030. These ambitious goals cover the economic, social and environmental issues that are destroying millions of lives. Defeating poverty and ensuring everyone has access to clean water will not happen without a unified global effort like never before.

We are partnering with charities delivering incredible work on the ground across each of these goals. You can help us build a global movement of giving to achieve these urgent imperatives. Donate money to where its most needed, give away something you no longer need, or simply share the work of our charities and users online.

Anyone can help. Everyone must. Help anyone, anywhere.

If you're a charity operating across one of the Sustainable Development Goals and interested in being one of our partner charities please get in touch below:

Humanitarian News

We are building a team of citizen journalists across the globe, writing about the biggest humanitarian stories of our time. Our writing team shines a light on issues that may not otherwise be highlighted in the press.

Our GNB Correspondents

















Baltic Nations

Our humanitarian news centres around the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, and their combined ambition to end severe poverty by 2030. Our articles encourage people to contribute to these goals in any way they can. Set up an account to start writing about what you care about!

The GNB platform is supported by a number of different GNB proprietary business ventures which are revenue generating.

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