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Ukraine: humanitarian snapshot

Posted 919 days ago | 27.11.17

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Ukraine: humanitarian snapshot

The armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine continues to happen and goes unnoticed. Triggering humanitarian needs and claiming lives, more than two years of this has weakened people’s ability to cope. Remaining as a key concern, it is estimated that 3.8 million people in Eastern Ukraine are in need of protection and humanitarian assistance. The required target to reach to be able to help the 2.6 million people targeted, is $214 million.

The key issues that need to be addressed are protection, access, emergency shelter, water and health, and disrupted livelihoods, finding durable solutions. For each issue, there is a strategy to help overcome them. As an example, the strategy for protection is, The Protection Cluster (including Child Protection, Gender-based Violence (GBV) and Mine Action Sub-Clusters) will focus on the most vulnerable people. Protection actors will carry out protection and human rights monitoring, advocate for non-discriminatory access to services; documentation and counselling on housing, land and property (HLP) rights, and strengthen referral pathways and community-based protection mechanisms.

Some of the organisations partnering to help in this crisis are HelpAge International UK, HALO Trust, Child Smile” Charity Fund, Arche Nova E.V. – Initiative for People in Need, International Charitable Foundation “Yellow-Blue Wings” and many others. Failing to respond will lead to Up to 3.7 million people, including around 900,000 children, to remain at risk because of their dependency on centralized water or heating. Not only that but lack of repairs, estimated to 22,000 damaged private houses, will increase the exposure of the most vulnerable to harsh winters and increase risks of displacement.

To support rapid humanitarian response, The Central Emergency Response Fund provides immediate funding for life-saving humanitarian action, especially for crisis that haven’t attracted significant funding. Also, public and private sector donors can contribute to aid agencies participating in Humanitarian Response Plans.

Donate to Humanitarian Response Plans.

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