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Letter from student showing how much their education has been affected

Posted 888 days ago | 29.12.17

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Letter from student showing how much their education has been affected

A 13-year-old student and teacher from eastern Ukraine have written letters explaining what it’s like to live through the conflict there, and how the education system has suffered.

Anya, 13, student, Avdiivka School #4


My name is Anya, I’m 13 years old and I live in Avdiivka.

I go to school #4 and I like studying there very much.

Unfortunately, something bad happened. I got very upset after they told us that we would be studying remotely, there would be no school on Tuesdays and we would be coming to school every other day and each class would last 20 minutes only.

My spirits are down, as I realise that spending just 20 minutes at school will not allow me to gain any knowledge, but will only worsen it.

You have probably heard that Avdiivka is caught by hostilities and back in 2014 we witnessed some heavy shootings. That is why my family and I decided to move to Sviatogorsk at the beginning of the war, where we spent 6 months. We were accommodated in a former summer camp, and we felt good there.

Later my Mum read on the internet that the situation with the shooting in Avdiivka had improved and we decided to return home. Me and my little sisters Rita and Tania were very happy to go back home.

Before the war my sisters and I loved having long walks everywhere in the city, but now we hardly go out – when the shelling becomes intense.

In the past, both Rita and Tania used to go dancing, now they don’t dance anymore because of the shootings. I go to a ballroom dancing.

These days the shooting has become quieter, but I am not afraid of anything now.


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