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Something to Fear?

Posted 338 days ago | 16.04.18

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Something to Fear?

I winder how many people across the word are, today, afraid. I have lived through several periods of great fear: the immediate post-war years when we worried about what was then called ‘The H Bomb’, The ‘Bay of Pigs’ crisis, Viet Nam, the Berlin airlift - you name it. Many times the world seemed to go to the brink, and then someone sensible stepped back and we were secure again. 

Now we seem to be on the verge of another crisis becoming a disaster. And now the two major leaders who might orchestrate this are the presidents of the United States and Russia. Neither of these men is celebrated for his self-restraint. Nether is respected for his flexibility in dealing with other nations, or even this in their own nation who don’t toe the line. The man in the centre is another such inflexible person.

We Europeans are on the sidelines, but far to close to the problem to feel safe. Syria is very close indeed. Anytime now we may be embroiled in a war that takes over the world. 

Those of us able to pray should probably be doing so.

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