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Life Expectany o the Rise

Posted 246 days ago | 16.05.18

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Life Expectany o the Rise

Using data from the Global Burden of Disease project the BBC has published a life expectancy calculator. It shows that women outlive men in 195 countries and in Russia by 11 years. People in the countries with the highest life expectancy live 34 years longer than those with the lowest.

Global life expectancy has risen more than seven years since 1990. All around the world people are living longer thanks ito lower death rates from heart disease in high-income countries and fewer child deaths in low-income countries. Improved health care, better sanitation and medical advances in treating diseases have also contributed to the rise.

Healthy life expectancy, the number of years you can expect to be in good health, also rose by 6.3 years.

Fourteen of the top 20 countries for life expectancy are in Europe, but East Asia leads the list: people born today in Japan and Singapore can expect to live to 84 years old.

England is in the top 20 with a life expectancy of 81 years, while Northern Ireland’s  80 years and Scotland 79 years.

All but two of the bottom 20 countries are from Africa.

Those born in Lesotho and the Central African Republic have a life Afghanistan the only Asian country near the bottom, with a life expectancy of only 58.


Women outlive men in 195 out of 198 countries, and on average by six years though in some countries that gap is as much as 11.The three countries where men outlive women are the Republic of

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