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Mamma Mia Saved by Steph Parry

Posted 346 days ago | 11.06.18

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Mamma Mia Saved by Steph Parry

Last week the show Mamma Mia, with music by Abba, very nearly had to cancel a performance, when its leading lady injured a leg during the first scene last Thursday, and both regular understudies were ill.  It looked as though the show would have to be cancelled.

But Mamma Mia's general manager had remembered that one of the show's previous stars, Steph Parry, was just around the corner, understudying in 42nd Street. He called her, and within 18 minutes of the show being stopped she was on stage playing Donna, the role originally made famous by Meryl Streep.

She was sitting in the dressing room at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane when she got the call. As a stand-in for two of 42nd Street's leading roles that was her job for the evening.

The theatre is very close to the Novello Theatre, the home of Mamma Mia!

An announcement was made to the audience: “ I'm really sorry, unfortunately Caroline has injured herself and is unable to carry on in the show and we have no understudy in the building.  However, we do have a lovely lady who will be carrying on for her shortly,'"

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