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A Woman's Right to Choose How They Feed Their Baby

Posted 345 days ago | 12.06.18

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A Woman's Right to Choose How They Feed Their Baby

The Royal College of Midwives' new position statement makes it  clear that women should be supported if, after being given advice, information and support, they opt to bottle feed using formula milk. They are being told that if a woman decides not to breastfeed her baby it is her choice and must be respected.

Although is is believed that breast is best, often some women struggle to start or sustain breastfeeding. Those returning to work, and many are, have no real choice. Breast milk can be expressed but nevertheless it will be in a bottle fo the child to feed.

The National Childbirth Trust says women can experience unacceptable levels of pressure however they feed their babies.This can be from family and friends, but also can be from people they hardly know.

Mothers who breastfeed often feel constrained about breastfeeding. Similarly, mothers who use formula milk often feel judged or guilty too, particularly if they had planned to breastfeed.

Researchers at Liverpool University studied more than 1,600 new mums in 2016. Among the 890 who did formula feeding, 67% reported feeling guilty, 68% felt stigmatised and 76% felt they should defend their feeding choice.

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