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Japan Suffers Disastrous Flooding

Posted 226 days ago | 08.07.18

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Japan Suffers Disastrous Flooding

In the worst rain recorded in Japan, flooding and landslides have killed at least sixty people and dozens are missing in western areas of the country. Most of the deaths have occurred in Hiroshima prefecture, which has suffering torrential rain since Thursday. Some 23 inches of rain has fallen, exceeding all records.

Hundreds of homes have been damaged and about 1.5 million people have been ordered to leave their homes and three million more advised to do so. This is seen, potentially, as the worst weather disaster Japan has seen in decades.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the authorities were facing a race against time to save and evacuate people. Thousands of police, firefighters and soldiers are taking part in search-and-rescue operations to attempt rescue of those buried alive by landslides, and trapped on the roofs of their homes.

This is just the start of the  typhoon season and more heavy rain is expected, but this is exceptional and anyone living near rivers is under threat. Those in Kyoto, built on a river, are living in great peril.

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