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Breakthrough for Type 2 Diabetes Sufferers

Posted 225 days ago | 09.07.18

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Breakthrough for Type 2 Diabetes Sufferers

Diabetes 2 is today seen as the curse of the old and overweight. It develops in obese people whose health otherwise seems fine. Though exercise is a factor, it is not enough to deal with the problem.

In one piece of research patients were supported in a diet restricted to 600 calories a day, and a significant proportion of those taking part reversed their condition. This was done using low starch vegetables and liquid meals. This had a high level of success, but for some this calorific intake is too low, and leaves them weak and unhappy. This group of people can, however, turn their condition round, using a high protein/low carbohydrate diet and many are moving to this to change their condition.

In order to reverse diabetes naturally,  foods like refined sugars, grains, alcohol and hydrogenated oils should be removed from the diet and healthy foods high in fibre , chromium and magnesium , healthy fats and clean protein, along with foods with low glycemic loads are substituted.

Living life without bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, cakes and biscuits and some fruit with high sugar content sounds tough until you see your weight  and your blood sugar drop. There is no need to feel hungry all the time and if you need substitutes for some of the above they exist. 

Popular substitutes are: spaghetti squash, spiralised zucchini and other squashes and shiritaki noodles and rice. These are made form the konjac yam and are very low in digestible carbohydrates and calories. They take the place of rice and noodles without the carbohydrates and can be bought dried and used just like what they are substituting for. 

But to be able to stop taking the medication is a real joy; it is genuinely worth trying.

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