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Photographer Sues School Over Copyright

Posted 252 days ago | 09.08.18

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Photographer Sues School Over Copyright

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that a German school violated a photographer's copyright when a student project containing one of his pictures was published on its website.

The pupil had found the photograph on a travel website and used it in an assignment. 

Though the ECJ (ECJ) said it was "of little importance" there was nothing to stop a download but it ruled that the school needed permission from the photographer, to put it on a website. 

Photographer Dirk Renckhoff claimed that he had given exclusive rights to the travel website Reisemagazin Schwarzufweiss  to use his photograph, of the Spanish city of Cordoba. As a result of their unauthorised use of his photograph he sued the western German state of Land North Rhein-Westphalia, where the school is based, for €400.

The ECJ ruling focused on whether including the image on the school's website constituted sharing it with a "new public” as 

Mr Renckhoff had only granted permission to users of the travel website to see his photograph.

Schools are notoriously poor at recognising publishing rights This may help guide them regards the implications related to the area.

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