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Ryanair Cancellations Continue

Posted 251 days ago | 10.08.18

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Ryanair Cancellations Continue

Ryanair continues to cancel flights as pilots strike in five European countries. Today one sixth of the firm’s flight are canceled, right at the height of the holiday season peak. The action is the largest in a series of strikes over pay and conditions.

This time a  24-hour walk-out involves staff in Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands. Some 50,000 passengers have been told of cancellations on 400 flights.

Ryanair says it has made every effort to resolve the dispute but ,

despite the fact that to avert proposed strikes before the Christmas season last year, they allowed their staff to unionise for the first time in their thirty year history, of the Irish company is now facing a series of crippling strikes over the negotiating of collective labour agreements.

They were obliged to cancel about 300 flights in July when cabin crews in Belgium, Portugal and Spain went on strike for 48 hours.

On Thursday evening a Dutch court  rejected a case from Ryanair seeking to prevent pilots in the Netherlands from joining the strike, affecting about 22 flights. 

People across Europe hoping to fly with Ryanair are no doubt holding their breath. 

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