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Bridge Collapse in Genoa

Posted 553 days ago | 15.08.18

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Bridge Collapse in Genoa

On Tuesday 14th August a motorway bridge in Genoa collapsed. So far 39 people are known to have died as their vehicles fell 45 metres to the ground below. The case of the collapse is not yet known.

Rescuers are still hoping to find more survivors underneath the Morandi bridge but it seems unlikely they will be successful. Hundreds of firefighters worked overnight with lifting gear, climbing equipment and sniffer dogs to try to locate more survivors. A Red Cross spokesperson reported th toy bodies have been found.

Sixteen people are being treated in hospital, twelve in a serious condition. Survivors have been recalling the horror of the bridge's collapse.

The bridge was built in the 1960 and stands on the A10 toll motorway. It serves the Italian Riviera and the south-east coast of France. It is also important for goods traffic.

Residents of housing blocks under one pillar who has been evacuated were ready to move back, but were then told the bridge was cracking putting their homes were at risk.

The city's authorities have declared two days of mourning.

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