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Cliff Fall in Zakynthos

Posted 217 days ago | 13.09.18

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Cliff Fall in Zakynthos

Reports from Zakynthos, Greece, say that at least seven people were injured when part of a cliff face broke away Navagio beach, a popular tourist spot. None of the injuries sustained were serious, and no-one is though to have been trapped by the fall.

The beach, also known as ‘shipwreck beach’ can be reached only by boat.

An eyewitness reported a rumbling noise, followed by a small piece of rock, then bigger rocks fell, creating a sea whirlpool th overturned some boats.

There have been no reports of missing people but search and rescue teams were continuing to operate by air and sea into the late afternoon as a precaution.

34-year-old woman from the Czech Republic was among those injured, suffering a fractured vertebra. Her husband and two children were also treated for minor injuries by hospital staff

Three others were also hurt in the incident.

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