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Protests by Prison Officers

Posted 216 days ago | 14.09.18

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Protests by Prison Officers

In response to what they described as "unprecedented violence" in their workplaces, prison staff in England and Wales have taken part in widespread protests. They are complaining about safety within prisons, citing attacks by gangs of inmates, being spat at and having urine thrown at them while on duty.

Their union said there were protests outside ‘a majority’ of jails, which ended after six hours when the government agreed to talks on Monday.

Prisons Minister Rory Stewart said the action was illegal and threatened court action. When the suspension of the protest was announced the threat was withdrawn.

General Secretary Steve Gillan said hehoped "for meaningful, constructive dialogue" next week. 

The action came after an inspection report on Thursday that inmates had effectively taken control at Bedford Prison. Brian Cooper, branch chairman of the Prison Officers' Association, said conditions at the jail were unsafe ‘every day’, citing a list of violence against officers in the performance of their duties.

A female prison officer who was demonstrating outside Bedford Prison said she had a bucket of urine thrown over her from an above landing.

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