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Slough, Successful City

Posted 216 days ago | 14.09.18

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Slough, Successful City

Popular culture has given Slough a poor image over the years. Poet John Benjamin’s poem ‘Slough’ starts “Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough! It isn’t fit for humans now” and it has come to have a kind of grey, soulless identity. But over the years Slough has provided the world with more than is recognised.

Celebrating the 80th anniversary of its receiving its Royal Charter the BBC has looked into its history and come up with some surprising facts about Slough.

These include: 

it is the original home of the Mars Bar which was first produced in Slough in 1932, and starts the original brand up.

the inventor of snooker’s birthplace came from Slough 

the zebra crossing, was invented there where research for which began in Slough when a crossing was sought that could be seen in all weather conditions

Thunderbirds, the popular 1960s puppet television show, which was produced in slow when Gerry Anderson moved there in 1959. The company went on to make Captain Scarlet, Stingray, Supercar and Joe 90 at the same site.

the wheelie bin, was invented in Slough by a moulding company to move waste around its Slough factory.

Famous people from Slough include the pioneering astronomer Caroline Herschel who moved there from Germany in 1786. She discovered eight planets and recorded 560 previously unrecorded stars. She was awarded an annual salary of £50 by George III for her role as her brother, William Herschel’s assistant.

It can also boast the first black female mayor, Lyia Simmons in 1984 and the first turban-wearing MP, Tanmanjeet Singh "Tan" Singh Dhesi.

So let's hear it for Slough - a fascinating city with a bright future!



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