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Italy Experiences Dreadful Weather

Posted 477 days ago | 30.10.18

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Italy Experiences Dreadful Weather

Winds of up to 180km/h have battered Italy and, combined with  heavy rain, have left ten people dead in the west and north. Schools and tourist sites, including St Mark’s Square in Venice have been closed. In Venice rising floodwaters swamped many of its famous squares and walkways. It is the fourth highest level ever recorded for high water in the city. Reports say that 75% of the city is flooded.

Two tornadoes tore through the centre of the coastal town of Terracina, killing one person and leaving ten more injured.

Beyond Venice in the north, there were high winds, fallen trees and landslides. In the wider Veneto region, a man was killed by a tree and a volunteer fireman died in the north-eastern border region of Alto Adige, South Tyrol.

A woman died when her home was hit by a landslide and a fisherman's body was found hours after he went to check on his boat on a lake in Trento. South of the beach resort of Rimini, a kite-surfer aged 63 died when he was hurled against rocks.

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