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Waterspout in Palermo's Port

Posted 305 days ago | 20.11.18

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Waterspout in Palermo's Port

Video cameras have recorded a huge waterspout moving from the sea and hitting Italy's south-western city of Salerno. Eyewitnesses watched as the whirling column of air and water lifted containers in the city's port area. 

No-one was reported to have been injured.

Officials say that the phenomenon, an extremely rare occurrence, was seen at about 15:00 local time.

A waterspout is an intense columnar vortex usually appearing as a funnel-shaped cloud. It occurs over a body of water and quickly dissolves over land. Is is like a tornado over water.

Footage of Tuesday's waterspout has been widely shared on social media, with some users describing the vortex as “incredible”. That there was not substantial damage is remarkable as the force of wind required to set up such a phenomenon is enormous.


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