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Another Cabinet Member Resigns

Posted 379 days ago | 01.12.18

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Another Cabinet Member Resigns

Yet another government minister (the tenth) has resigned over involvement in the EU's Galileo satellite-navigation system. The PM has said that the UK will be leaving Galileo as part of Brexit negotiations. Science and universities minister Sam Gyimah says this is just a foretaste of the brutal nature of the negotiations.

The UK wanted to remain involved but the EU said it would be banned from extra-secure elements of the project. The UK, which has invested €1.4bn (£1.24bn) in the project, will be denied immediate access to part of the system intended for use by government agencies, the armed forces and emergency responders once it came online in 2020.

He said he intends to vote against the deal negotiated with Brussels, and has called for another referendum. He said that the UK’s interests "will be repeatedly and permanently hammered by the EU27 for many years to come”,

Prominent Brexiteer and cabinet minister Michael Gove has defended Mrs May's plan, saying that the UK’s plan to leave the EU is under threat if parliament does not support this deal.

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