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Agency Staff Earn Less

Posted 379 days ago | 01.12.18

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Agency Staff Earn Less

Connor McCann who works in a BT call centre in Canterbury discovered that despite doing the same role as his colleagues he was paid thousands less a year. This is because his employer was agency Manpower, and not BT.

He said: ”It didn't matter how good you are at your job, you're still being paid less than your colleagues.”

New research by  The Resolution Foundation figure includes wages as well as other benefits such as unclaimed holiday or sick pay, and deductions for uniforms. According to the think-tank, that's more than the number of people on zero-hours contracts.

Mr McCann commented: ”I was speaking to the exact same customers and selling the exact same products, so it felt really unfair. It meant I struggled to move out of my family home. I struggled with my bills and my social life, too.”

The research, which is based pay on official ONS data, found that agency staff are more likely to be employed in lower wage roles across a wide range of professions. Furthermore, when the Resolution Foundation compared the pay of two similar individuals of the same age and background, working in the same kind of business, those employed by an agency received 22p an hour less than those directly employed.

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