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Parents Responsible for Children's Behaviour (Ofsted)

Posted 587 days ago | 02.12.18

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Parents Responsible for Children's Behaviour (Ofsted)

In a report due out this week Amanda Spielman, Ofsted’s leader, will argue that parents should not expect schools to police children's eating and exercise, or toilet train pupils. 

She will argue the answer to the obesity crisis lies in the home, and parents should not "abdicate responsibility”. Two studies have this year queried the benefit of school anti-obesity schemes.

Furthermore she argues that neither can schools be responsible for knife crime or child neglect. This lies with families she will stress.

In February, the British Medical Journal reported that a year-long anti-obesity programme involving more than 600 West Midlands primary school pupils resulted in no improvements. This was followed in July by the results of an Ofsted study of 60 schools which found no link between efforts to tackle obesity and pupils' weight.

Ms Spielman, who will present Ofsted's annual report on Tuesday, will highlight concerns that on starting school almost a quarter of children in England are overweight or obese, rising to one-third by the time they enter secondary school.

The report will say: ”Schools can and should teach children about the importance of healthy eating and exercise in line with their core purpose; their PE lessons should get them out of breath. But beyond that, schools cannot take over the role of health professionals and above all parents.”

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