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Gadgets that Analyse Diet

Posted 222 days ago | 10.01.19

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Gadgets that Analyse Diet

In the CES tech show in Las Vegas two gadgets that analyse the gases in people's breath to reveal how they should improve their diet are being showcased. Lumen and FoodMarble are both pocket-sized devices that users blow into.

Each of the devices are capable of  pairing  with a smartphone app that tells people how well they are digesting food or burning calories.

One expert pointed out that such technology has yet to be properly validated by scientists.

Lumen has raised almost $2m (£1.57m)by crowdfunding. It has designed an inhaler-shaped product that measures carbon dioxide levels in the user's breath. They say this provides a way of monitoring metabolism which is the chemical processes that, converts food into energy.

The founder, Dror Cedar said: ”You don't need to guess how much sugar was in that kung pao chicken or how many calories you did on that run.” 

In an interview he told the BBC that  the app simply explains whether the user is burning carbs or fat. It then suggests recipes that help burn fat and, over time, the kits learns what diet is most appropriate for each user.

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