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Scottish Universities Scrap Graduation Fees

Posted 224 days ago | 09.02.19

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Scottish Universities Scrap Graduation Fees

In the past university students at Scottish universities have been charged an administration fee of £45.00 to attend a graduation ceremony and £10.00 if they did not attend. This year the University of Aberdeen has scrapped these fees.

University principal Professor George Boyne said of the change, which comes into force with immediate effect: "We have been looking at the graduation fee in recent months and, after careful consideration of a very persuasive case, we have agreed to abolish it.”

Last year the University of Glasgow abolished the fees and Strathclyde followed suit a week ago. 

The Aberdeen University Students' Association (Ausa) welcomed the news. Ausa education officer Donna Connelly said: "Graduation is one of the best experiences of a student's time at university and graduation fees can be an unnecessary barrier to them celebrating their achievements with their family and friends. I'm delighted to have worked with the principal and the university to agree to the scrapping of the graduation fee.”

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