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Karen Bradley MP Apologises for Insensitive Remarks

Posted 222 days ago | 07.03.19

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Karen Bradley MP Apologises for Insensitive Remarks

On Wednesday in the House of Commons, The Northern Ireland Secretary, Karen Bradley said that deaths caused by the security forces in Northern Ireland were "not crimes”.

Today she has apologised for the offence that her words have caused. 

PSNI chief constable, George Hamilton, said if a soldier or police officer shot someone they should be investigated. He added: ”Where people have lost their lives we should all be equal under the law. There should be a thorough and effective investigation.”

Karen Bradley is now facing calls for her resignation.

Michael Mansfield, a leading barrister in the Human Rights area, also raised Mrs Bradley's comments at the Ballymurphy inquest in Belfast where she made thoughtless comments with little regard to the proceedings. The inquest is examining 10 people's deaths in August 1971 which followed three days of gunfire in west Belfast after the introduction of internment.

In her statement, Mrs Bradley said her "language was wrong and even though this was not my intention, it was deeply insensitive to many of those who lost loved ones”.

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