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Asda Will No Longer Sell Single Knives

Posted 220 days ago | 09.03.19

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Asda Will No Longer Sell Single Knives

Amid concern about knife use in violent crimes recently, supermarket chain Asda has pledged to remove all single kitchen knives from sale in their stores. They will continue to sell knives in sets, which are much more difficult to buy when underage.

This year I41 people have been killed in stabbings in the UK and single kitchen knives are the most frequently stolen knives, Asda said, prompting the decision to stop their sale by the end of April.

Nick Jones, Asda senior vice-president, said the company bore the responsibility to support the communities it serves.

He commented: ”Whilst we have already taken steps to restrict the sale of knives to ensure that they do not fall into the wrong hands, we felt there was more we could be doing to support those looking at how to bring this issue under control”.

Following Asda's decision, Austin Cooke, retail director of Poundland, who took this action last year, said: "We know this issue is important to customers and colleagues alike and now urgently ask other retailers to consider where they stand."

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