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BBC Investigated Over Equal Pay

Posted 193 days ago | 12.03.19

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BBC Investigated Over Equal Pay

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) will investigate the BBC over suspected past pay discrimination against female employees. This follows complaints that female workers were not paid the same as men for equal work.

The BBC voluntarily provided the EHRC with information about its pay policies. The investigation will look at records dating back to 2016. It is hoped the results will be published by the end of this

The BBC's director general Tony Hall said: "We've been through a tremendous period of reform and have already changed things for the better. The Commission itself recognises our commitment to reform and our collaborative approach. We try to be the gold standard of what everyone wants from society: openness, respect and equality. We may not always succeed, but I am confident that we are a decent and fair employer. And, of course, if there's more we can do, we will.”

The EHRC suspects that there has been unlawful pay discrimination by the BBC in the period prior to the introduction of these recent reforms. Some of these came to light when the BBC published its records on equal pay.

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