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Women in Snooker

Posted 173 days ago | 01.04.19

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Women in Snooker

BBC journalist Lynette Horsburgh, a former world 8-ball pool champion has decided to open up about the sexism that some face in the world of snooker. Her response to the news that Rebecca Kenna had left the league in Keighly, West Yorkshire, tired of being barred from matches simply because she is a woman, was to tell her own story.

Even her own daughter Georgie sees the game as a male bastion. They were watching the start of the World Snooker Championship on TV a couple of years ago and when she told her she had played there, her response was: “Don’t be silly. "You're a girl, you can't play there.”

Rebecca's fight to play the game she loves has stirred up all sorts of memories from more than 25 years ago, from being banned from three league matches in a week, to being escorted out of clubs and being sneaked in to play quickly "before the committee notice".

Because most of the snooker in her  hometown of Blackpool was centred around social clubs, she had many battles on and off the table.

Sadly, regardless of the equality legislation, women are seeing little progress in the prospect of being able to play o equal terms with men. 

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