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Problems at FLYBE

Posted 195 days ago | 03.04.19

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Dozens of flights expected to go today have been cancelled by the regional airline Flybe. An industry-wide shortage of pilots has been blamed, as well as its own pilots taking holidays. This applies to around 5% of flights, mainly in the UK and includes those from Belfast City and Birmingham though they will affect Doncaster and Exeter. 

Discussions over jobs are at an early stage and the company will try to avoid job losses by filling internal vacancies with existing staff. Their spokesperson said the company would "follow all the rules of compensation" and that they are expecting to get back to normal operation as soon as possible.

Cardiff Airport boss Deb Barber said: "We understand Flybe is in the process of consulting with a number of its employees, including its crew at multiple bases across its network, which includes Cardiff.

"Flybe's plan to restructure and reduce its jet operations across many bases is part of the company's long-standing objective to stabilise the business.”

The travellers affected were even very short notice of the cancellations and in some cases, no suggestions of alternatives.

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