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The Housing Conundrum

Posted 34 days ago | 19.04.19

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The Housing Conundrum

In Autumn 2018 official estimates (those most recently done) suggest that there were 4,677 people sleeping rough in England. This figure represents a slight fall of 74 on 2017, but  rises were recorded in London, the Midlands, north-east and Yorkshire and Humber.

Since the start of the decade numbers are still up by nearly 3,000, with related charities calling to government for "fundamental action to tackle the root causes”.

The government’s response was to pledge £100m over two years to tackle the problem, which they see as rough sleeping.

Schemes are being tried out  in Greater Manchester, Merseyside and the West Midlands where people are given housing without first being required to give up drugs or alcohol, a model which is somewhat based on the Finland model, which works.

The conundrum of whether homelessness leads to drug and alcohol problems, or whether the problems lead to homelessness is one that may never be solved. But housing those with the problems may be a step in the direction of solving it.

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