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Data Protection Law Breached

Posted 33 days ago | 20.04.19

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Data Protection Law Breached

A government department responsible for data protection laws has accidentally shared the contact details of hundreds of journalists.

In an email containing a press release about age-checks for adult websites the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport contacted more than 300 recipients in a way that allowed their addresses to be seen by other people.

Digital Minister Margot James declared the incident “embarrassing”, 

adding: "It was an error and we're evaluating at the moment whether that was a breach of data protection law.”

In the email sent on Wednesday, the department said new rules would offer "robust data protection conditions”. It added: ”Government has listened carefully to privacy concerns."

A spokesperson said: "In sending a news release to journalists an administrative, human error meant email addresses could be seen by others. DCMS takes data privacy extremely seriously and we apologise to those affected."

This is the second time this month a government department has made a mistake of this kind. Earlier the Home Office admitted breaching data protection rules when it launched the Windrush compensation scheme when it shared the contact details of 

the affected migrants in an email.

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