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How to Grow Old Usefully

Posted 410 days ago | 21.04.19

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How to Grow Old Usefully

At the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham a hospital volunteer who recently celebrated her 90th birthday has clocked up 23 years of service.

Wendy Russell has become a familiar face there, where she greets and directs visitors and patients at the reception desk twice a week. She was born in Nottingham and was a teacher in special education until she retired at the age of 60.

For four years after that she taught in Thailand, returning to the UK where she says she got bored. So she asked about jobs at the hospital. There she found a way to fill her time and serve others, a lovely combination.

When interviewed Mrs Russell said: "It's very, very rewarding. I love it and I wouldn't come if I didn’t."

We are getting accustomed to the fact that our seniors aren’t like their grandparents, ready to settle and wait for old age to take them. Many are traveling the world, many care for grandchildren and others volunteer in various roles across society. Without them the world would be a poorer place.

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