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Musical Middlesbrough

Posted 376 days ago | 24.05.19

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Musical Middlesbrough

On Thursday, Middlesbrough  hosted the north-east of England's annual culture awards, run by two local papers. It will be at the heart of the Tees Valley's bid to be UK City of Culture in 2025.  This weekend, some of the world's biggest pop stars will flock there for BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend.

Once known for steelmaking and chemical factories, Middlesbrough wants to reinvent itself, and is looking to arts and culture to help

Ishy Din, an acclaimed scriptwriter, is planning a stage musical about the fortunes of his home town, beginning when Middlesbrough rapidly expanded during the industrial revolution. He commented: "Sometimes we get a hard time. We’re consistently at the top of lists. Bad lists. Worst place to live. Worst place to be a girl. Health. Employment. Education. And I think that's unfair.”

His musical, Iron and Steel, will show a different view. He's creating it with actress and producer Victoria Gibson as well as local folk group Cattle & Cane and singer-songwriter Alistair Griffin. He is also working on a play for the Royal Shakespeare Company and has written for Channel 4's Ackley Bridge.

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