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Posted 372 days ago | 28.05.19

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Jacob Taylor has a Saturday job in a Clarks shoe shop and last week he patiently helped a child with autism as her mother bought her shoes.

The little girl’s mother praised him reaching  hundreds of thousands of people on social media, thanks in part to his father's pride. His dad, James Tweeted his pride in his son’s achievement in helping. At the end of the day Jacob was handed what Clarks call a "celebration alert” by staff at the Bicester store.

The alert was prompted by an email from a shopper to say Jacob had gone "above and beyond" their expectations back in March, when helping the customer's daughter, making her more comfortable when he realised she was suffering from sensory overload.

Jacob said: "I was asked to measure a little girl's feet. I didn't know she had autism but she wasn't responding very well.”

The customer emailed the company, describing how Jacob had sat patiently while her daughter had cried and had carried on when she had been ready, without any fuss, adding: "He didn't once make us feel like we were taking too long or being a nuisance."

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