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Spending on Social Care Lowest in England

Posted 371 days ago | 29.05.19

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Spending on Social Care Lowest in England

 Analysis produced by the Health Foundation using official spending and population data has yielded figures that show that if you are old and living in Scotland or Wales you can expect more to be spent on you if you live in England. 

In England, £310 per person is spent each year on services such as care homes and home help for daily tasks such as washing and dressing. But in Scotland, £445 is spent (+ 43%) and in Wales  £414 (+ 33%). 

This has been publicised after the BBC revealed that a number of councils will run out of money quite soon unless Central Government local authority budgets. Ministers in England have promised that new plans for care, including funding, will be published soon.

In all parts of the UK, care is means-tested with people expected to contribute towards the cost of their care. Since devolution however, differences have emerged in approaches to care.

In England, anyone with assets of over £23,250 has to pay the full cost of their care. But in Scotland personal care, such as help washing and dressing, is provided free to everyone assessed as being entitled to care and in Wales the cost of help in the home is capped, currently at £90 a week.

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