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When Access Tickets Do Not Give Access

Posted 338 days ago | 02.07.19

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When Access Tickets Do Not Give Access

Last year Virginie Assal, who has a serious back condition, booked a ticket which claimed to be an ‘access ticket’, assuming this wold mean some kind of preferential treatment due to her disability. Now she has been told that the seats have  become "first come, first served”.

She has booked to see  R&B star Janelle Monae but despite her early booking and her condition, because she is not in a wheelchair she has been told she may not get the seat she needs.


She booked in 2018 so she could sit down, but is now not assured of a place.

She has to arrive early to get a seat at the 4 July concert at Manchester International Festival (MIF). MIF claimed that access was a "priority" and said it had made adjustments to accommodate as many disabled people as possible. But it has emerged only provisions for wheelchair-users are guaranteed.

Ms Assal, who has a serious back condition and is the diversity and liberation co-ordinator at the University of Manchester, which focuses on inclusivity, says this is the first time a concert in the UK has not been accessible to her.

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