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Work on Reducing Flood Threat Continues

Posted 342 days ago | 05.08.19

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Work on Reducing Flood Threat Continues

Working at Todbrook Reservoir, which overshadows the town of Whaley Bridge, where residents have been evacuated from their homes, crews are using 23 high-volume pumps to removed more than a third of the reservoir's water. On Thursday its spillway collapsed following heavy rainfall, threatening the town.

Crews need to spend at least two more days pumping water from a reservoir to stop its dam bursting and causing flooding to the town.

Todbrook Reservoir is 48% full but needs to drop to 25% before the 1,500 people evacuated are allowed home.

The Department for Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said they would be examining the safety concerns around reservoirs across the country, though present focus was on Whaley Bridge.

Leader of the Labour Party,Jeremy Corbin expressed his sympathy for the residents and said there was a need for an enquiry. He called it:“An inquiry to make sure all the co-ordination worked effectively, and everything I have seen shows it did, but there are always lessons to be learned.”

The dam is said to be "relatively stable" after four days of efforts to bolster it.

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