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BA Plane Develops Problem

Posted 340 days ago | 06.08.19

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BA Plane Develops Problem

An incident on a British Airways flight from Heathrow to Valencia occurred yesterday, during which, as the plane came into land, a technical issue caused the cabin to fill with smoke. Passengers had to slide down emergency chutes to the runway. As the incident developed no official announcements were made, leaving people very frightened, specially when some staff appeared wearing full oxygen masks.

BA has apologised to the 175 passengers on board the aircraft, an Airbus A321.

Three passengers were taken to hospital and have since been discharged. Staff members assisted customers in the airport terminal after the evacuation. People were observed hyper-ventilating as the problem developed.

Rachel Jupp, the editor of BBC Panorama was on the flight with her children. She told BBC News that smoke filled the cabin "very quickly" about 10 minutes before the plane’s scheduled landing. She told of white smoke appearing to come  through the air conditioning system into the cabin. She reported: ”Very quickly, you couldn't see the passengers two seats down from you.”

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