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Alzheimer's Society Ambassador Barbara Windsor

Posted 340 days ago | 06.08.19

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Alzheimer's Society Ambassador Barbara Windsor

In an open letter to the Government, Dame Barbara Windsor and her husband have called on them to take responsibility for the care of people living with dementia.

Barbara Windsor has been living with Alzheimer’s for several years and she and her husband have recently become ambassadors for eh Alzheimer’s Society.

Ministers in England have been promising to publish plans on social care reforms since 2017. There should include dealing with the care of people with dementia. A spokesperson said that the PM was "committed to fixing" the care system.

Alzheimer's Society reported that since March 2017 people in the UK with dementia have spent more than one million unnecessary days in hospital "despite being well enough to go home" - at a cost to the NHS of more than £400m.

Dame Barbara wrote: “ we are lucky to have amazing support but my heart goes out to the many, many people who are really struggling to get the care they so desperately need.” Her husband added: "Seeing the true state of our social care system has shown me how people, who aren't as fortunate to be in the same position as myself and Barbara financially, are facing a constant battle to get what they need. I want to do everything I can to help them."

The letter will be delivered to Downing Street in September, the charity said.

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