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Legal Structure

The Global Noticeboard (GNB) deploys through both a Charitable Foundation, (GNB Charitable Foundation, known as the Humanity Fund), and a Limited Company, (Global Noticeboard Holdings Ltd). The Limited company has given the GNB platform to the Charitable Foundation on an exclusive 999 year lease on the basis that the platform is made available to all people, free of charge. Our Charitable Foundation is a global charity based in the UK, governed by the UK Charities Commission. Our charity registration number is 1145253. Our Limited company registration number is 06243285. Our registered address is: Neptune House, 70 Royal Hill, London, SE10 8FR. Our Community Office telephone number is: 0207 476 6062. If you would like further information about The Global Noticeboard or are interested in working with us, please call on the above number, or email us at:

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