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GNB Rules

Keep it free, legal & appropriate for all ages

1. Etiquette

We encourage all members of the GNB to treat other members in a way that they would expect to be treated themselves.
Please do not mention politics, money, personal attacks/rudeness, proselytising or religion in any communication or posting to the GNB or with other members. Inappropriate or offensive material will be removed and the user account could be suspended.

We understand circumstances may change and the donating/receiving process of an item may break down from time to time through no fault of your own but please do not intentionally mess people about. The GNB can only be a success if we treat each other with respect.

2. Safety

Collection arrangements are made between the donor and the receiver. The GNB exists to facilitate connections between donors and potential receivers. However, the GNB takes no responsibility in the collection arrangements.

Be safe. There is always a risk when meeting a stranger in any situation! Please adopt the same precautions you would in other environments when making arrangements to hand over an item. Please bear in mind having "a stranger" coming into your home to pick something up might not be a good idea. You may instead want to arrange to meet in a public place or leave the item in a neutral location. We would recommend that you inform a family member/friend/community member if someone is coming to your home to pick up an item or vice versa. The GNB as an organisation can take no responsibility for any risk that arises during the collection arrangement.

3. Personal Information

We can guarantee that no-one will see your personal details without your permission. Any information you share with a donor or receiver is at your own discretion.

4. Inappropriate Actions

If you see any other member posting items or making comments that you deem as inappropriate or you spot a potential scam, please report it to us by clicking on the “report” button.

5. Electrical Goods

Electrical goods can be donated or sold on the GNB platform. However, once the item is in your possession it becomes your responsibility. Therefore we would recommend that you get the electrical item checked by a qualified electrician before using it. As the donor/seller, please to the best of your knowledge ensure any electrical item you are donating is safe.

6. Rules on Animals

Do not post, in any form, animals for breeding or food purposes. Posts of this kind will be removed and your membership could be suspended.

We accept the GNB could be used for finding pets a new home however please ensure it is done so with the utmost care and respect to the animal. Please be aware, the donation/receiving of pets is completely at the risk of the donors /receiver - the GNB does not take any responsibility.

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